With discernment before God, the Missions & Justice department at Grace Family Church offers relief aid and/or development programs to the materially poor, engaging with them and not just doing it for them. We also seek to connect our congregation to God’s mission to reconcile, restore, and make all things new (Colossians 1:15-20). These are our ministries: 

  • containerministry

    Helping the helpers, equipping missionaries. 3 John 5-8

    The Container Ministry, with Grace Family Church, annually imports an average of 30 x 40 foot containers of food, medical, school, office, sewing and household supplies, as well as shoes, baby equipment and other miscellaneous items. 

    These goods are distributed to 150 mission partners spread throughout KwaZulu Natal, Zululand and Southern Mozambique. From statistics sent in by our mission partners we’ve calculated that 135,000 needy orphans, children, widows, refugees, sick and impoverished people, are reached monthly with the Gospel and supplies from the Container Ministry. 

    The Container Ministry is able to give donors s18A tax donation certificates and BEE score card points. NPO 041-680

    Download our bi-monthly newsletter CLICK HERE or write to to subscribe. Like and follow our Container Ministry Facebook page gracecontainerministry

  • GraceAid

    Compassionate Relief and Development

    Grace Aid’s mission is to demonstrate compassion by addressing poverty through community relief and development which empowers, uplifts, teaches skills, builds capacity, and promotes self-help.

    Grace Aid is an audited and registered Non-Profit Organisation and Public Benefit Organisation. Our passion is holistic development; that is to address all forms of poverty by working with the whole person – their physical, emotional, cognitive, social, spiritual, and economic needs. We seek to encourage people to be active architects of their own future; that is teaching people how to fish rather than just handing them a fish.

    Grace Aid is immensely grateful to donors for their investment and partners for their community development initiatives. Grace Aid is able to give donors s18A tax donation certificates and BEE score card points.

    To learn more about Grace Aid, what they do, and how you can contribute or be involved, visit their website at or find us on Facebook graceaid

  • missiontrips

    Day/Night Missions

    We believe that every Christian should be exposed to and involved in serving the materially poor. That’s why we’d like to help every member of Grace to experience reaching out to others. We organise regular local Day Missions and once a month we hold a Night Mission which goes out to visit and pray with the homeless at Durban shelters. 

    Check the church calendar and announcements for upcoming missions and serving opportunities. If you have questions email Jill on


Grace Kids is a fun, safe place for kids to discover the adventure of following Jesus. We are passionate about kids! We use creative and age-appropriate Bible teaching, high-energy worship, and caring, loving small group leaders that give our kids the


We also understand that there is more to leading a child to Jesus than just Sundays. That’s why we love to partner with parents and families to make the most of these years in a child’s life. 

For parents with infants aged 0-12 months, all our campuses are equipped with a Parents Room with a glass window into the main auditorium, where parents can see and hear the service. Otherwise, check out below what's available for every age up to Grade 6.


Grace Kids Director: Maryke Viljoen 031 575 9300

Grace Kids Administrator: Lauren Laurens 031 575 9300

Grace Kids uMhlanga AM Pastor: Shireen Kistan 031 575 9300

Grace Kids uMhlanga PM Pastor: Lauren Anderson 031 575 9300

Grace Kids Riverside Campus Pastor: Jill Roberts 031 575 9300

Grace Kids Ballito Campus Pastor: Isabel Braz 063 528 5129

Resources for Parents:

Follow us on Facebook page for great tips and advice for parents as well stay up to date with what's happening in 'The Greatest Hour of the Week' this Sunday. For the Grace Kids Facebook page click here:    Pick up a 'Faith at Home' card at the Grace Kids registration desk during each series and email if you would like to receive our weekly newsletter.

  • kidsCRECHE

    Grace Kids Crèche (0 - 3 years) staffed by dedicated volunteers, with your little one’s safety being our priority. All children are signed in and out and are allocated a unique number. In the event that a parent needs to be contacted during the service, your child’s unique number will appear on the screens. 

    Available during all Sunday services across all our campuses*.

    *Please note! At our Riverside Campus there is no creche during the 5:30pm Sunday service. Parents and 1-3 year olds are asked to make use of the Mother's Room during this service.

  • kidspre-primary

    Grace Kids Pre-Primary (Grade 00 - R) enjoy a structured time of worship and story time followed by a fun activity to reinforce what they have learned. All children are signed in and out and are allocated a unique number. In the event that a parent needs to be contacted during the service, your child’s number will appear on the screens. Available during all Sunday services across all our campuses.

  • kidsprimary

    Grace Kids Primary (Grade 1 - 6) children get together for high-energy, action-packed worship and a creative, relevant teaching time. This is followed by age appropriate small group time that reinforces the lesson with our super Grace Kids volunteers. 

    Available during all Sunday services across all our campuses. 

grace kids ballito

Grace kids riverside

grace kids umhlanga


Friday Night Youth

Grades  7-12 | uMhlanga Campus

Every Friday night during school terms (18:30 to 21:00). It's an awesome time for hanging out and making friends. But besides the fun and crazy times, something significant and life-changing is happening - young people are discovering the love of Christ and exploring what it means to have a real relationship with God. Join us for rocking praise and worship, teaching that is relevant and real, and community where you can belong. 

Need more info?

Like our Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram feeds to post your thoughts, say hi to everyone, and stay up to date with what's happening.   @graceyouth031

Contact our Youth Pastor: Siya Shange - 031 575 9300


We are the young adult community of Grace Family Church. We gather together in small groups around the city as we seek to grow into fully devoted followers of Christ. 

uMhlanga Young Adults

If you attend our uMhlanga campus join us on Sunday evenings for UMH \\ PM at 17:30.

Riverside Young Adults

If you're a Riverside Young Adult, our Sunday service times are 08:15 | 10:00 | 17:30.

We want to help you on your spiritual journey, to connect, build community, and grow together. Young Adults at Grace is for anyone in their 20's and 30's.


If you are looking for a small group email us on or alternatively stay up to date and connected with us on social media...


Riverside   @riverside.ya 


"Positive life change takes place best in the context of community. Every person at Grace should be known, cared for and included." - Grace Vision & Values

We encourage everyone at Grace Family Church to be a part of a small group. As a church we value community and believe that as you meet weekly, usually in someone’s home, it’s where you can get connected and build authentic relationships with God and others. We use biblically based material by well renowned Christian authors/speakers as well as in-house teachings by our pastors. 

There are groups that meet all over the greater Durban and Ballito areas. To be placed in a Grace Small Group please CLICK HERE and fill in the online form. You can also find a sign up for Groups on our mobile app. If you have questions about Grace Groups please drop us a mail on


"Every believer should serve through being the right person for the right task for the right reason." 

- Grace Vision & Values

At Grace you can get involved in serving at the campus you attend. Our vision is to grow the hearts of people to serve God, by joining together a team of volunteers that will make a difference to the larger community. For information on volunteer opportunities and ways you can serve at your Grace campus CLICK HERE.


Demonstrating the love of Christ through a Biblical model of counselling care and support

Our Counselling Ministry aims to demonstrate the love of Christ through a Biblical model of counselling care and support. Our goal is to equip people with practical tools for personal and spiritual growth. It's important to us that applying truth is practical, that relationships are loving and non-judgmental, and that counselling helps people become fully-devoted Christ-followers. If you need counselling, we have a team of trained, volunteer lay-counsellors. There are also support groups and courses detailed below. 

Contact us on: 031 003 1830

Check out our website

Connect with us on Facebook

Administrative enquiries: Louise Harman  

Counselling Director: Madz Deyzel


Our trained volunteer counsellors work to help you in your journey to wholeness.  If you would like more information about face-to-face counselling CLICK HERE or contact Counselling Director, Madz Deyzel 031 003 1830 for an initial phone assessment. 

If you are struggling with anxiety or depression, we have a support group that could help you. If your sleep is erratic, you feel nervous or anxious, you battle to concentrate and feel irritable or out of control, or you literally feel like you can’t breathe, you might be struggling with anxiety. This group is led by trained volunteer lay counsellors who will give you practical tools to manage your anxiety. There’s no need to sign up, just come along. The group meets at our Riverside Campus on Thursdays at 18:30-20:30. If you would like more information please contact our Counselling department.


The Addictions Support Groups at Grace Family Church follow a Biblical 12-step programme addressing any nature of addiction including, drugs, alcohol, gambling, smoking, sex, pornography etc. The groups have regular social events and believe strongly in becoming family to one another in the support they offer. All group leaders and facilitators have attended the Grace Family Church Counselling Course and many are recovered addicts and now serve these groups and their attenders. Addicts are welcome to attend all meetings (open to all addicts within our community, regardless of church attendance or faith). 

ADDICTIONS SUPPORT GROUPS AT RIVERSIDE CAMPUS (Grace Counselling Centre, at the rear of the building.)

 - Addictions Support Group meets Mondays at 18:30-20:30

 - Support Group for Family & Friends of Addicts meets Mondays at 18:30-20:30.


 - Addictions Support Group meets on Mondays at 18:30 - 20:30.

For more information contact us on or 031 003 1830.


Boundaries teach us about what our responsibilities are and aren't. Learn when to say “yes” and “no” through this 8-week course written by American psychologists Henry Cloud and John Townsend. Available on request for Small Groups.


The Wholeness Course is all about bringing together the spiritual with the cognitive and emotional aspects of yourself. It will give you a practical framework for understanding how all areas of life fit into God's plan for your life, and provides tools to help you grow closer in your relationship with Him. This is a 3-week course and is the pre-requisite for the Counselling Training Course. 


PLEASE NOTE! The Wholeness Course (above) is a pre-requisite for the Counselling Course but is open to ALL, not just for those who wish to do counselling. 

The Wholeness Counselling Training Course will firstly equip you with the theology and psychology behind this Biblical model of counselling. Secondly it will equip you with basic counselling skills. People do the counselling course for different reasons: Some to gain a better understanding of oneself. For many, The Wholeness course is perfect for this. Some feel they have a calling to counselling. 

This Course is a great starting point for starting up in this field. Many of our volunteers are now studying toward their degrees in counselling. Some have a specific passion for coming along-side people who are struggling with certain issues such as addictions or grief. So being a facilitator in a support group or on a counselling related course may be an option. Some group leaders find having this training helps them better serve those within their groups. 

Please note that completing the Counselling Course does not mean automatic entry as a Counsellor. There is an interview and assessment process that ascertains the best fit for each person’s gifting. For more info contact Counselling Director, Madz Deyzel 031 003 1830

Red Frogs Support Network South Africa is an initiative of Grace Family Church and is committed to 'safeguarding a generation' through being a positive presence in the partying culture. Our core values are:


As a result of being practical, available and consistent in serving, we are placed in a position of trust with young people, thereby enabling us to disciple them through some of the most challenging times of their lives. We take every opportunity to engage in acts of generosity that foster relationship and display genuine care and concern for the lives of others.


Through expecting our actions to meet a standard of excellence we cultivate a culture of responsibility and accountability that promotes transparency. We believe that to display professionalism in our approach, our programs and activities, we equip staff and volunteers by mentoring, training and resourcing to effectively engage in their work with young people.


We recognise that each young person has an innate need for belonging and relationship. Therefore it is our heart to create healthy pathways for young people to have these needs fulfilled. We understand the importance of open communication and collaboration between staff, volunteers and Red Frog networks, including ‘Friends of the Red Frog’, sponsors and partners. Therefore we highly promote and engage in teamwork and relationship building activities that enable these processes to happen.


To volunteer as a Red Frog or if you would like to support them please visit their website for more info: