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Demonstrating the love of Christ through a Biblical model of counselling care and support.

Our Counselling Ministry aims to demonstrate the love of Christ through a Biblical model of counselling care and support. Our goal is to equip people with practical tools for personal and spiritual growth. It's important to us that applying truth is practical, that relationships are loving and non-judgmental, and that counselling helps people become fully-devoted Christ-followers. If you need counselling, we have a team of trained, volunteer lay-counsellors. There are also support groups and courses detailed below. 

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Administrative enquiries: Louise Harman  

Counselling Director: Madz Deyzel



Our trained volunteer counsellors work to help you in your journey to wholeness.  If you need counselling please fill in this online form CLICK HERE or contact Counselling Director, Madz Deyzel 031 003 1830 for an initial phone assessment. 


We run a Grief Support Group for Moms dealing with the tragic loss of a child. This group meets the first Wednesday of every month at 15:30 at the uMhlanga campus. Contact our Counselling department for more info.


The Addictions Support Groups at Grace Family Church follow a Biblical 12-step programme addressing any nature of addiction including, drugs, alcohol, gambling, smoking, sex, pornography etc. The groups have regular social events and believe strongly in becoming family to one another in the support they offer. All group leaders and facilitators have attended the Grace Family Church Counselling Course and many are recovered addicts and now serve these groups and their attenders. Addicts are welcome to attend all meetings (open to all addicts within our community, regardless of church attendance or faith). 

Addictions Support Groups Campus-wide: 

RIVERSIDE CAMPUS - Support Group meets on Mondays at 18:30 in the Counselling Centre at the rear of the building.

BALLITO CAMPUS - Support Group meets on Mondays at 18:30.

UMHLANGA CAMPUS - Support Group meets on Mondays at 18:30. There is an additional group for friends and family of addicts which runs weekly at the same time at the uMhlanga campus. There is also an addictions support group just for ladies which is held at the uMhlanga campus on the first Monday of every month at 18:30. 

For more information contact us on or 031 003 1830.


Boundaries teach us about what our responsibilities are and aren't. Learn when to say “yes” and “no” through this 8-week course written by American psychologists Henry Cloud and John Townsend. Available on request for Small Groups.


The Wholeness Course is all about bringing together the spiritual with the cognitive and emotional aspects of your self. It will give you a practical framework for understanding how all areas of life fit into God's plan for your life, and provides tools to help you grow closer in your relationship with Him. This is a 4-week course and is the pre-requisite for the Counselling Training Course. 


PLEASE NOTE! The Wholeness Course (above) is a pre-requisite for the Counselling Course but is open to ALL, not just for those who wish to do counselling. 

The 12 week Counselling Training Course will firstly equip you with the theology and psychology behind this Biblical model of counselling. Secondly it will equip you with basic counselling skills. People do the counselling course for different reasons: Some to gain a better understanding of oneself. For many, The Wholeness course is perfect for this. Some feel they have a calling to counselling. 

This Course is a great starting point for starting up in this field. Many of our volunteers are now studying toward their degrees in counselling. Some have a specific passion for coming along-side people who are struggling with certain issues such as addictions or grief. So being a facilitator in a support group or on a counselling related course may be an option. Some group leaders find having this training helps them better serve those within their groups. 

Please note that completing the Counselling Course does not mean automatic entry as a Counsellor. There is an interview and assessment process that ascertains the best fit for each person’s gifting. For more info contact Counselling Director, Madz Deyzel 031 003 1830