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technical director - all campuses

We are looking for a person who could lead our technical department across all campuses. The role requires a person who is extremely technically competent and experienced as well as having the capacity to lead, cast vision, and manage a team.

There are some specific skills and experience that would be crucial. Comprehensive understanding of all technical art/production disciplines including:

Audio: At least 4 years experience mixing live FOH, and/or monitor engineering in both large and small rooms, on both digital and analog platforms. DAW multitrack recording experience in Logic and/or ProTools. Comprehensive understanding of gain structure, dynamics, equalization, phase and basic audio imaging. Thorough understanding of all elements of a PA setup, and experience with spec’cing, designing and installing a PA rig from scratch. This would include personal monitoring, backline, microphone and direct injection instruments/sources. Experience in co-ordinating and calibrating wireless audio devices, and frequencies. The applicant would have to have a ‘good ear’ with a musical gifting. Having a musical background is a plus.

Lighting: Practical experience in stage/production rigging, lighting design and lighting programming. Proficiency in working with DMX and/or ArtNET protocols as well as proficiency in at least one of the following manufactures control platforms: Zero88, Avolites, GrandMA, HighEnd, Martin Lighting.

Video & Projection Architecture: Video formats and resolutions, video scaling, vision mixing, Analog and Digital Transmission Protocols including HD-SDI.

Production-related computer platforms: Very high proficiency on both Apple and PC platforms. This would include a basic proficiency in DTP products, as well as video editing and video presentation software. IT knowledge, including networking basics is a plus.

Scenic/Set Design/Staging: Experience with basic set-building, hand and power tools, and stage rigging.

The person needs to be a Christ-follower. A servant-leader, and a self-starter; goal-orientated, and able to oversee and complete time-sensitive projects in high-pressure environments. Being reliable, flexible and on-time are essential. The position requires a person who is extremely motivated and passionate about excellence in creative arts and technical production in a church environment. The position is a significant leadership position. An applicant would have to have capacity and experience in leading, developing and motivating a team of staff and volunteers.

The applicant would have to be highly skilled in troubleshooting, fault-finding and repair and maintenance of sophisticated AV equipment - with experience in fundamental skills like soldering and crimping. A qualification in Electrical/Electronic Engineering is a plus. 

The applicant would need to be able to function well on a team, bringing high energy and a positive presence. Be able to cast vision, and work alongside skilled colleagues, while also leading and developing volunteers with little-or-no prior experience. The applicant would have to be organised and detail-orientated while still being able to focus on the ‘big picture’. The applicant would need to possess the ability to conceptualise, plan, collaborate, compromise and execute all elements of the technical production  of an event. Effective verbal and written communication skills are essential. 

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