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At Grace we believe that spiritual growth is fundamental to being a follower of Christ. We also know that growth only happens when we are intentional about it, so every Wednesday evening, during school terms we host Grow Night. 

Grow Night is a space where you can learn more, strengthen your walk with God, and connect with others. There is a variety of options at Grow Night to help facilitate all of this. 

Details and sign up links for all events/courses on our Grow Night page CLICK HERE!

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Whether you are not currently tithing, or you give but not 10%, then we want to invite you to sign up for the Smart Money Challenge right now, and to try tithing for the duration of the challenge and see what God does in your life. 

It runs for 90 days and during this time, you will receive further insights, encouragement and stories about tithing and money from our pastors. We will not ask for your name, nor will any money pass online. We don't want something from you, we want something for you.

CLICK HERE to sign up for the challenge!

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